Scientific Articles

Day after day, our Customers & Partners are progressing to develop new therapies with Dendrigraft of L-Lysine from proof of concept at lab scale, up to clinical trials


Adoptive macrophages reverse the immunosuppressive microenvironment in glioblastoma via programmed phenotypic polarization

2023 Research Square / Fan et al. / Keywords: Adoptive macrophage therapy, glioblastoma, tumour immune microenvironment, phenotype polarization, immunotherapy


Smart hypoxia-responsive transformable and charge-reversible nanoparticles for the deep penetration and tumor microenvironment modulation of pancreatic cancer

2022 Biomaterials / Chen et al. / Keywords: Hypoxia-responsive, Size reduction, Charge reversal, Deep penetration, TME modulation

Protein corona-driven nanovaccines improve antigen intracellular release and immunotherapy efficacy

2022 Journal of Controlled Release / Du et al. / Keywords: Vaccine delivery, Protein corona effect, Antigen cytosolic release, Tumor vaccine, cancer immunotherapy


Size-shrinkable and protein kinase Cα-recognizable nanoparticles for deep tumor penetration and cellular internalization

2021 European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences / Ma et al. / Keywords: Enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect, Deep tumor penetration, Hyaluronidase (HAase), Glycyrrhetinic acid (GA), Tumor targeting


2020 RSC Adv. / Fang et al. / Keywords: Ga radiolabeling, RGD, tumor PET imaging

2020 Adv. Sci. / Chen et al. / Keywords: antitumor immune responses, immunogenic cell death, immunosuppression, metal–organic frameworks, penetration

2020 Colloids and Surfaces Biointerfaces / Agazzi et al. / Keywords: Poly-L-lysine dendrigraft, Polyamine-salt aggregates, Size pH-switchable supraparticles, Trypsin-triggered release, Multistage drug release


Dandelion-Like Tailorable Nanoparticles for Tumor Microenvironment Modulation

2019 Advanced Science / Guo et al. / Keywords: penetration, pH-triggered release, tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) polarization, tumor therapy

Tumor-Associated Fibroblast-Targeted Regulation and Deep Tumor Delivery of Chemotherapeutic Drugs with a Multifunctional Size-Switchable Nanoparticle

2019 ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces / Cun et al. / Keywords: drug delivery, deep tumor penetration, tumor-associated fibroblast (TAF) targeting, tumor microenvironment, tumor therapy

Targeted Delivery Prodigiosin to Choriocarcinoma by Peptide-Guided Dendrigraft Poly-L-lysines Nanoparticles

2019 Int. J. Mol. Sci. / Zhao et al. / Keywords: dendrigraft poly-L-lysines nanoparticles; placenta chondroitin sulfate A binding peptide; Serratia marcescens prodigiosin; targeted delivery; choriocarcinoma


Enzyme-triggered size shrink and laser-enhanced NO release nanoparticles for deep tumor penetration and combination therapy

2018 Biomaterials / Gao et al. / Keywords: Size shrinkable; Nitric oxide; Deep penetration; Chemo-photothermal therapy; Tumor microenvironment

Acid-Responsive Transferrin Dissociation and GLUT Mediated Exocytosis for Increased Blood–Brain Barrier Transcytosis and Programmed Glioma Targeting Delivery

2018 Adv. Funct. Mater / Gao et al. / Keywords: acid-responsive functionalization, blood-brain barrier transcytosis, cleavable transferin, MAN, programmed targeting

Platinum-Based Nanovectors Engineered with Immuno-Modulating Adjuvant for Inhibiting Tumor growth and Promoting Immunity

2018 Theranostics / Jiang et al. / Keywords: tumor immune microenvironment, platinum, chemotherapy, immune response

A size switchable nanoplatform for targeting the tumor microenvironment and deep tumor penetration

2018 Nanoscale / He et al. / Keywords: solid tumor penetration, doxorubicin, combined therapy


Dual Aptamer Modified Dendrigraft Poly-L-lysines Nanoparticle for Overcoming Multi-drug Resistance through Mitochondrial Targeting

2017 Journal of Materials Chemistry B / Chen et al. / Keywords: mitochondria-targeted chemotherapy; drug resistance tumor cells; doxorubicin (Dox); ATP aptamer; AS1411; cytochrome c aptamer

Direct Macromolecular Drug Delivery to Cerebral Ischemia Area using Neutrophil-Mediated Nanoparticles

2017 Theranostics / Wang et al. / Keywords: brain targeting, catalase, neutrophils, PGP, ischemic stroke

New Potential In Situ Anticancer Agent Derived from [188Re]rhenium Nitro-Imidazole Ligand Loaded 5th Generation Poly-L-Lysine Dendrimer for Treatment of Transplanted Human Liver Carcinoma in Nude Mice

2017 Drug Designing / Belhadj-Tahar et al. / Keywords: Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC); Dendrimer; In situ anticancer agent; Nanomedicine

Substance P Mediated DGLs Complexing with DACHPt for Targeting Therapy of Glioma

2017 ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces / Jiang et al. / Keywords: glioma, drug delivery, platinum drug, blood-brain barrier, Substance P

Sequential Delivery of Cyclopeptide RA-V and Doxorubicin for Combination Therapy on Resistant Tumor and In Situ Monitoring of Cytochrome c Release

2017 Theranostics / Tan et al. / Keywords: cancer, sequential drug delivery, combination therapy, cytochrome c, cyclopeptide RA-V, doxorubicin


Dual Functional Peptide-Driven Nanoparticles for Highly Efficient Glioma-Targeting and Drug Codelivery

2016 Mol. Pharmaceutics / Jiang et al. / Keywords: combination therapy, RNA interference, glioma dual targeting, transferrin, doxorubicin


Multistage drug delivery system based on microenvironment-responsive dendrimer-gelatin nanoparticles for deep tumor penetration

2015 RSC Advances / Gao et al. / Keywords: nanoparticle, drug delivery, dendritic poly-L-lysine, doxorubicin

Integrin-mediated active tumor targeting and tumor microenvironment response dendrimer-gelatin nanoparticles for drug delivery and tumor treatment

2015 International Journal of Pharmaceutics / Gao et al. / Keywords: Tumor penetration and retention, Breast cancer, Multistage drug delivery system, Matrix metalloproteinase-2, Gelatin nanoparticles


Tumor cell membrane-targeting pH-dependent electron donor-acceptor fluorescence systems with low background signals

2014 Biomaterials / Jiang et al. / Keywords: Dopamine, Electron donor-acceptor, Fluorescence system, pH-dependent, Tumor cell membrane targeting delivery


Tumor-Targeting and Microenvironment-Responsive Smart Nanoparticles for Combination Therapy of Antiangiogenesis and Apoptosis

2013 ACS Nano / Jiang et al. / Keywords: cell-penetrating peptide, chemotherapy, combination therapy, tumor microenvironment,
tumor-targeting nanoparticles, VEGF

Choline transporter-targeting and co-delivery system for glioma therapy

2013 Biomaterials / Jiang et al. / Keywords: Cancer therapy, Choline transporter, Co-delivery, Dual targeting, Nanoparticles

Collagen implants equipped with ‘fish scale’-like nanoreservoirs of growth factors for bone regeneration

2013 Nanomedicine / Benkirane-Jessel et al. / Keywords: bone morphogenetic protein 2, bone regeneration, collagen implant, drug delivery, layer-by-layer deposition, regenerative nanomedicine


A novel mitotropic oligolysine nanocarrier: Targeted delivery of covalently bound D-Luciferin to cell mitochondria

2011 Mitochondrion / Theodossiou et al. / Keywords: Nanocarriers, Mitochondrial targeting, Oligolysine, Triphenylphosphonium, Confocal microscopy, D-luciferin


Guanidinylated Dendritic Molecular Transporters: Prospective Drug Delivery Systems and Application in Cell Transfection

2008 Chem. Med. Chem. / Theodossiou et al. / Keywords: Cell Transfection; Drug Delivery; Guanidinylated Dendrimers; Liposomes; Molecular Transporters