Scientific Articles

Day after day, our Customers & Partners are progressing to develop new therapies with Dendrigraft of L-Lysine from proof of concept at lab scale, up to clinical trials


Osteogenic Potential of a Polyethylene Glycol Hydrogel Functionalized with Poly-Lysine Dendrigrafts (DGL) for Bone Regeneration

2023 Materials / Roumani et al. / Keywords: poly-lysine dendrigraft, hydrogel, bone regeneration scaffold, stem cell chemotaxis,
osteogenic potential


Design and characterization of an in vivo injectable hydrogel with effervescently generated porosity for regenerative medicine applications

2021 Acta Biomaterialia / Griveau et al. / Keywords: Porous and injectable hydrogels, Effervescence, Tissue engineering


2020 J. Biomed. Mater. Res. / Carrancá et al. / Keywords: biocompatibility, cell interaction, mechanical properties, PEG based hydrogels, poly(L-lysine) dendrimers

2020 J. Biomed. Mater. Res. / Ramirez et al. / Keywords: apatitic cement, composite biomaterial, microstructure, reticulated hydrogel


Biochip-based instruments development for space exploration: influence of the antibody immobilization process on the biochip resistance to freeze-drying, temperature shifts and cosmic radiations

2016 International Journal of Astrobiology / Coussot et al. / Keywords: Astrobiology, biochip, search for Extraterrestrial Life, space constraints.

Dendrigraft polylysine coated-poly(glycolic acid) fibrous scaffolds for hippocampal neurons

2016 JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH A / Kojima et al. / Keywords: polylysine, neuron culture, dendrimer, dendrigraft, poly(glycolic acid)


Biosynthetic support based on dendritic poly(L-lysine) improves human skin fibroblasts attachment

2014 Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition / Lorion et al. / Keywords: poly(L-lysine) dendrigrafts; fibroblasts; cell adhesion; integrin; DL-lactide/glycolide copolymer


Nanofibers Implant Functionalized by Neural Growth Factor as a Strategy to Innervate a Bioengineered Tooth

2013 Adv. Healthcare Mater. / Benkirane-Jessel et al. / Keywords: Neural growth factor; Bioengineered tooth; Jaw reconstruction

Grafting of poly-L-lysine dendrigrafts onto polypropylene surface using plasma activation for ATP immobilization – Nanomaterial for potential applications in biotechnology

2013 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science / Couturaud et al. / Keywords: Dendrimers, Monolayer, Biological applications of polymers, Surfaces, Biomaterials


Smart Hybrid Materials Equipped by Nanoreservoirs of Therapeutics

2012 ACS Nano / Benkirane-Jessel et al. / Keywords: biomineralization, biomaterials, osteochondral regeneration, drug delivery, nanostructured coatings, nanoreservoirs of active molecules

In situ characterization of antibody grafting on porous monolithic supports

2012 Analytical Biochemistry / Faye et al. / Keywords: Immunoaffinity, Monolith, ADECA, Antibody, Characterization, Immobilization, Quantification


Nanostructured Assemblies for Dental Application

2010 ACS Nano / Fioretti et al. / Keywords: pulp fibroblasts, inflammation, cytokines, melanocortin, multilayered films, nanostructured assemblies, Dendri Graft poly-L-lysines