Scientific Articles

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Dendrigraft of Poly‑L‑lysine as a Promising Candidate To Reverse Heparin-based Anticoagulants in Clinical Settings

2019 ACS Med. Chem. Lett. / Vial et al. / Keywords: Anticoagulant, antidote, heparin, dendrigraft of poly-L-lysine, protamine


Monitoring Clinical Levels of Heparin in Human Blood Samples with an Indicator-Displacement Assay

2015 Chemical Communications / Vial et al. / Keywords: dendri-graft poly-L-lysine, complex, heparin, fluorescence titration


Assessment of poly-L-lysine dendrigrafts for virus concentration in water: use of MS2 bacteriophage as proof of concept

2013 Journal of Applied Microbiology / Roig et al. / Keywords: concentration, diagnosis, poly-L-lysine dendrigrafts, virus, water safety


Insulin complexes with PEGylated basic oligopeptides

2012 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science / Sideratou et al. / Keywords: Oligopeptides, PEGylation, Insulin, Protein delivery, Protein–polymer interaction


Dendrigraft Poly-L-lysine: A Non Immunogenic Synthetic Carrier for Antibody Production

2010 Biomacromolecules / Romestand et al. / Keywords: DendriGraft poly-lysine; Carrier for antibodies; Immunological properties; Fluorescein; Histamine; Antibody production

Arginine end-functionalized poly(L-lysine) dendrigrafts for the stabilization and controlled release of insulin

2010 Journal of Colloid and Interface Science / Sideratou et al. / Keywords: Insulin, Biodegradable polymers, Dendrigrafts, Protein–polymer interaction


Interaction and Transport of Poly(L-lysine) Dendrigrafts through Liposomal and Cellular Membranes: The Role of Generation and Surface Functionalization

2007 Biomacromolecules / Theodossiou et al. / Keywords: poly(L-lysine) dendrigrafts (DGLs), guanidinylation, membrane translocation, A549 cells, liposomal internalization, fluorescence